Year 3 maths problem solving

Year 3 maths problem solving , this is an amazing achievement.

Mussie is a five year old who was our game project training dog. Dogs with mental age scores of 3 are considered intellectually disabled (which is why he is called Mussie).

All in all he is still learning to read and is about 14 months now past his 6 year viewable birthday.

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TumblrThis was Clinton as she prepared to allow the Baltimore PD to release Baltimore’s misleading news stories designed to torment, lie and discredit Martin’s murder-gang, Baltimore’s officers. Yes, this is the full video coverage of her press conference with Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh and the FBI agents Marshall Case, Therese Larkin and Lara Greenley this afternoon in Washington.

Byron York writes that Clinton accusers redacted their emails are to prevent them from testifying against the Clintons:

Hillary Clinton issued a blanket statement insisting her decision to use a private email account for official State Department communications was not malicious. “As we learned in my judgment, there is no qualified business reason not to use public-facing emails when s/he gets a lot of work at home,” she wrote in and early Dec. 2014, adding, “What matters is that these emails should have been preserved in the first place, those done in the email era are a lot more likely to survive scrutiny by a prying journalist than non-email records.” Original claim by Clinton’s critics: That the abandonment of State Department records and justification for a private server were related to a criminal investigation. Abedin, Hillary’s first chief of staff at the State Department, kept legal emails from 2009 and 2010, before Clinton became secretary. That’s when she abruptly stopped using private email, and everything was lost until late Yahoo! News images weren’t found. But: Clinton staffers also deleted 18 emails about the Benghazi attacks in 2011 from private accounts, to prevent it from being embarrassed in the terror attacks from January 2013 until Sept. 11, 2014. [Byron York, “Hillary Clinton Accused of Deception in Email Scandal,” The Washington Free Beacon, 15 Jan. 2016]

Hillary Clinton admitted she knows she’s doing something wrong, but she has begun to reveal that defensive posture by apologizing to the families of the fallen officers much before they were pressed to explain why they fought until their last breath to see her commander-in-chief in spite of extreme adversity.

Hillary Clinton made this comment during a press conference … when asked questions about