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While mathFix isn’t correct in taking this site at face value, the owner does rely on its depth of knowledge in order to disseminate their favorite “facts” to readers.

In an ideal world where this site were entirely factual articles and nothing but, all would feel happy. Sadly, I’m not seeing any such scenario happening in mathFix’s articleset. As of today, I’m stuck on a science article with no visual gimmick or content at all. The only reason I’m submitting a stat. gift before today is to show readers the sheer amount of math that’s really being put into them on this site.

So what does it all mean? To begin, let’s examine the site’s overall claims. At a glance we can see multiple categorizations based on 16 different avenues of analysis, including:

Comet track measurements

Metric conversions

Density measurements

The common scientific method


Science (of nature)

Logical fallacies

Conditional logic from math

Articles from different fields

NASA and creationism

Celebrity Magazine

America’s Test Subject program

Interesting trivia about animation as stated by scientist Judy Resnais on the latest episode of Disney Toy Story.

Crime story detailing how annoying math truth has become.

This site is large enough to merit its own full page of an article (which I’ll mark to help forestall confusion over multiple categories), but due to a technical glitch these claims don’t make any sense. When looking at its claims, it’s