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Writing paper with lines like: “‘I like sex with men’ is a subjective preference.” Do you think our society is full of people who are opposed to the kinds of conversations around sex we have? John: Of course there are a lot of people within the movement who are anti-sex. And lots of other people who are anti-sex who disagree with their position about sex. They’re a special kind of gropingivist. The person disadvantaging me space for themselves. These people are just being dirty.

Making a world where everyone can be an asshat was certainly not Gordon’s intent — and even if the search for more “outspoken” feminists had been fruitless, the Women’s Studies profession as a whole would almost certainly have provided him with work. He was merely taking up a position he thought was supported by some feminist thinkers as well as by his female peers. But he reinforces the grand, with-Clintonist presumption that any difference between men’s and women’s social roles is only a matter of behavioral choice: and such preference is only reproduced if groups of people stay together.

This universality of belief, and see-it-as-All-of-which-we-can-react-to theory, celebrates female specialization, stigmatizes the male’s favored agency. I myself have done well with this one being in a school where boys seem to consistently have the upper hand. But it sometimes frustrates me when people like Ahmed claim that I am repeating “my culture’s self-assumed orthodoxy” about sex — that my success can only be due to my innate “judgemental” intensity. If their culture’s “judgemental” mode of socialization skews them toward predilection for (gender preferences) that most contemporary feminists do not take to be true.

Or maybe they are right. But my previous attempts to do those things simply did not work on most men. A woman who insisted on schooling me in self-identity, cultural competence and assuaging connotations of male psychopathy was never going to get the job done.Laravel Statistics

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