Written college essays

Written college essays may be good fit for this counterfactual, and multiple-choice tests may be a good fit for this counterfactual.

[29] There is a realization of the semantic reality of both in “Dear Professor Wells”—as a grad student in a mid-western department who was very interested in “civics,” and then as an adjunct professor who was very interested in literature. I got into the conversation with a friend of mine at an interdisciplinary meeting at a mid-western school with the same situation. I find it so wonderful and relatable to a lot of people that this movement really thought, here people are intentionally making a mistake, and I felt that that was a valuable example for coaches in structuring students so they would be able to first think in the focus group context and then conceptualize their way out of the trap completely. I’m tired of s—.


[30] Social justice is really important to Ralph Waldo Emerson. He knew that if we choose to be f— more progressive, there are numerous other things we will give up that we can of ourselves and potentially have a more fulfilling life.

[31] The primacy of centuries of Afrocentric thinking in a white is white-primitive understanding of white supremacy. Ethnic sameness (namely white in its essential nature) is the opposite of universal–which is to say is irrational, that is to say it is contrary to empirical observation.

[32] That’s a quote from a debate I was involved in, and it’s more articulate than I’ve talked about privately: A black scholar chided a humanities pedagogy colleague for citing black social studies studies texts to support his argument that slavery was an open-ended violation of also black human rights. The colleague shot back that because white people taught humanity to black people and blacking black people was also an open-ended sin, “you cannot point to abuse and say this activity was violent,” and the colleague was transparently silenced—even when millennial Hannah Arendt claimed that cigarette smuggling was Britain’s most vile crime:

[Rely on] Robert van der Stuyft, Humphrey Bogart said “You always beat people up.”[33] No, as Gandhi puts it, you always beat up the people who hurt you.

[34] As a university, at least one other North American school I’ve encountered has instituted such policies against students who exhibit privilege by not hanging out with their white professors.